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ROMAI JOURNAL   ISSN (P)1841-5512; ISSN (E) 2065-7714


ROMAI JOURNAL is an international open acces journal edited by the Romanian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics ROMAI .

The journal was founded by Adelina Georgescu in 2005.

ROMAI JOURNAL publishes articles on applied and pure mathematics of interest in analytical mechanics, mechanics of continua, biology, medicine, economics and computer sciences.

Publishing in ROMAI Journal is free of any fees.

Articles are published open access under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Several copies of each issue of ROMAI Journal are kept at the Romanian National Library according to Legal Deposit Law no. 111/1995.

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Volume 19: 2023
Volume 18: 2022
Volume 17: 2021
Volume 16: 2020
Volume 15: 2019
Volume 14: 2018
Volume 13: 2017
Volume 12: 2016
Volume 11: 2015
Volume 10: 2014
Volume 09: 2013
Volume 08: 2012
Volume 07: 2011
Volume 06: 2010
Volume 05: 2009
Volume 04: 2008
Volume 03: 2007
Volume 02: 2006
Volume 01: 2005
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