Vol.12, Nr.1, pdf;

1. Figuratrix foliations of a Cartan space,
Mihai Anastasiei, Manuela Gîrțu,
Pages 1-12, pdf;

2. Quasi-subordination and Fekete-Szegö problem for p-valent functions with higher order derivatives of complex order,
Mohamed K. Aouf, Adela O. Mostafa, Hanaa M. Zayed,
Pages 13-22, pdf;

3. Some families of uniformly starlike and convex functions with negative coefficients,
Mohamed K. Aouf, Adela O. Mostafa, Omar M. Algubouri,
Pages 23-44, pdf;

4. Nonlinear fourth-order diffusion-based Image Restoration Scheme,
Tudor Barbu,
Pages 45-52, pdf;

5. Some statistically convergent difference sequence spaces of interval numbers,
Shyamal Debnath, Subrata Saha,
Pages 53-59, pdf;

6. The nonstandard irrationality measure,
Katsunori Kuwahara,
Pages 61-75, pdf;

7. Differential subordination associated with new generalized derivative operator,
Anessa Oshah, Maslina Darus,
Pages 77-89, pdf;

8. A game theoretic approach for analyzing the currency exchanges and their risks,
Ludmila Novac,
Pages 91-103, pdf;

9. Strong convergence theorems for two total asymptotically nonexpansive non-self mappings in Banach spaces,
Gurucharan Singh Saluja,
Pages 105-121, pdf;

10. Coefficient estimates for bi-univalent functions satisfying certain subordinate class condition,
Poonam Sharma,
Pages 123-131, pdf;

11. Strategic games on digraphs,
Valeriu Ungureanu,
Pages 133-161, pdf;

12. Second order implicit for local effects and explicit for nonlocal effects is unconditionally stable,
Cătălin Trenchea,
Pages 163-178, pdf;