Vol.11, Nr.2, pdf;

1. Almost periodicity of functions on pseudocompact groupoids,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Dorin I. Pavel,
Pages 1-11pdf;

2. Airplanes or ballistic rockets optimal control and flight absolute stabilization in vertical plane by using the criterion of minimal time or fuel consumption,
Mircea Lupu, Gheorghe Radu, Cristian-George Constantinescu,
Pages 13-23pdf;

3. Efficiency in infinite dimensional ordered vector spaces,
Vasile Postolică,
Pages 25-49pdf;

4. The convexity in the complex of multi-ary relations,
Galina Braguță, Sergiu Cataranciuc,
Pages 51-62pdf;

5. The problem of the center for cubic systems with two parallel invariant straight lines and one invariant cubic,
Dumitru Cozma,
Pages 63-75pdf;

6. The Jacobsthal-Circulant Sequences,
Omür Deveci, Erdal Karaduman,
Pages 77-88pdf;

7. Canonical form of the ternary generalized differential Lyapunov-Darboux system with quadratic nonlinearities,
Natalia Neagu, Mihail Popa,
Pages 89-107pdf;

8. About global solutions of partial differential equation with deviating argument in the time variable,
Lidiya Sergeeva,
Pages 109-118pdf;

9. Existence of positive periodic solutions for two kinds of nonlinear neutral dynamic equations with variable delay on a time scale,
Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Ahcene Djoudi,
Pages 119-132pdf;

10. A linear diffusion-based image restoration approach,
Tudor Barbu,
Pages 133-139pdf;

11. A coupled system of fractional differential equations involving two fractional orders,
Zoubir Dahmani, Amele Taieb,
Pages 141-159pdf;

12. New Algebraic Properties of Middle Bol Loops,
Temitope Gbolahan Jaiyéolá, Sunday Peter David , Yakub Tunde Oyebo,
Pages 161-183pdf;

13. A unified presentation of a class of generalized Humbert polynomials in two variables,
Mahmood Ahmad Pathan, Nabiullah Khan,
Pages 185-199pdf;

14. On a class of nonlinear infinite semipositone problems with sign-changing weights,
Sayyed Hasem Rasouli, Zeynab Firouzjahi,
Pages 201-206pdf