Vol.13, Nr.1, pdf;

In Memoriam Adrian Carabineanu,
Stelian Ion, Dorin Marinescu, Ștefan Gicu Cruceanu,
Pages i-xvii, pdf;

1. A well-posed second-order anisotropic diffusion-based structural inpainting scheme,
Tudor Barbu, Ionuț Munteanu,
Pages 1-9, pdf;

2. On topological Mal'cev polyalgebras,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Ina D. Ciobanu,
Pages 11-18, pdf;

3. The Fibonacci p-sequences and the Padovan p-sequences in the extended triangle groups,
Ömür Deveci, Gizem Artun, Yeșim Aküzüm,
Pages 19-25, pdf;

4. On certain subclasses of analytic and univalent functions based on an extension of Sălăgean operator,
Kadhavoor Ragavan Karthikeyan, Musthafa Ibrahim, Kolappan Srinivasan,
Pages 27-39pdf;

5. On some results involving statistical characteristics, operational formulae of special functions and anomalous diffusion,
Hemant Kumar, Mahmood Ahmad Pathan,
Pages 41-55, pdf;

6. A Numerical solution of Fredholm fuzzy integral equations of the second kind by Radial Basis Functions,
Kourosh Parand, Elahe Raisi,
Pages 57-69pdf;

7. Embedding theorems for weighted anisotropic spaces of holomorphic functions in strongly pseudoconvex domains,
Romi F. Shamoyan, Seraphim P.Maksakov,
Pages 71-92, pdf;

8. Embedding theorems for weighted anisotropic spaces of holomorphic functions in tubular domains,
Romi F. Shamoyan, Olivera R. Mihić,
Pages 93-115pdf;

9. Involutive irreducible generating sets and structure of Sylow 2-subgroups of alternating groups,
Ruslan Skuratovskii,
Pages 117-139, pdf;

10. The generalized non-absolute type of triple χ3 sequence spaces,
Nagarajan Subramanian, Ayhan Esi,
Pages 141-152pdf;

11. Remark on some coupled fixed point results in metric spaces with a directed Graph,
Esra Yolacan,
Pages 153-160, pdf