Vol.12, Nr.2, pdf;

1. The Vandermonde-type sequences in groups,
Gizem Artun, Ömür Deveci,
Pages 1-7pdf;

2. On the right product of two subcategories,
Dumitru Botnaru, Alina Țurcanu,
Pages 9-18pdf;

3. On the consistency of a labeled graph,
Beatrice Daniela Bucur,
Pages 19-23pdf;

4. On Hamming type distance functions,
Ivan Budanaev,
Pages 25-32pdf;

5. A note on a semilinear evolution inclusion with nonlocal conditions,
Aurelian Cernea,
Pages 33-38pdf;

6. C-Metric spaces,
Anca Croitoru, Gabriela Apreutesei,
Pages 39-47pdf;

7. A nonlinear nonlocal problem for a hyperbolic equation,
Olga Danilkina,
Pages 49-60pdf;

8. The recurrence sequences via the adjacency matrix of the dihedral group,
Ömür Deveci,
Pages 61-70pdf;

9. Applications of the Rosenthal - type inequality for ρ- mixing random variables,
Zahra Shokooh Ghazani,
Pages 71-76pdf;

10. Stochastic optimal control of a mixing flow model,
Mario Lefebvre, Adela Ionescu,
Pages 77-83pdf;

11. Qualitative and quantitative analysis for a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation,
Costică Moroșanu,
Pages 85-113pdf;

12. Open problems in the general efficiency,
Vasile Postolică,
Pages 115-139pdf;

13. On magnetic relaxation equation for anisotropic reacting fluid mixtures,
Liliana Restuccia, Lidia Palese,
Pages 141-160pdf;

14. Second order approximations of the homoclinic solutions for the FitzHugh-Nagumo system,
Carmen Rocșoreanu, Mihaela Sterpu,
Pages 161-172pdf;

15. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of evacuation system by using GSPNs,
Titchiev Inga,
Pages 173-178pdf.