Vol.14, Nr.1, pdf;

1. On Solving the Variational Problem,
Serikbay Aisagaliev, Assem Kabidoldanova,
Pages 1-21pdf;

2. Couples des Sous-Catégories Conjuguées,
Botnaru Dumitru,
Pages 23- 41pdf;

3. On the Restricted Eight Bodies Problem,
Elena Cebotaru,
Pages 43-62pdf;

4. A Comparison between Akima and Hermite Type Cubic Spline with Minimal Quadratic Oscillation in Average,
Larisa Cheregi,
Pages 63- 72pdf;

5. About the Construction of the Weighted Means of a Pair of Strings,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Ivan A. Budanaev,
Pages 73-87pdf;

6. On Inequalities Involving Convex Functions and Integral Conditions,
Zoubir Dahmani, Mohamed Doubbi Bounoua,
Pages 89-100pdf;

7. A case-study of optimal portfolio composition with investments limits,
Fitim Deari, Carmen Rocșoreanu,
Pages 101-114pdf;

8. Estimation of Hyper-Order of Solutions to Higher Order Complex Linear Differential Equations with Entire Coefficients of Slow Growth,
Amina Ferraoun, Benharrat Belaïdi,
Pages 115-128pdf;

9. Well-Posedness for a Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equation Endowed with Nonhomogeneous Cauchy-Neumann Boundary Conditions and Degenerate Mobility,
Alina Gavriluț, Costică Moroșanu,
Pages 129-141pdf;

10. On Semicompact Operators,
Omer Gok,
Pages 143-147pdf;

11. Numerical Study of the Erosion Process,
Stelian Ion, Dorin Marinescu, Ștefan Gicu-Cruceanu,
Pages 149-158pdf;

12. On Characterization of Bessel Systems,
Al-jourany Khalid Hadi Hameed,
Pages 159-167pdf;

13. Shannon Entropy for Imprecise and Under-Defined or Over-Defined Information,
Vasile Pătrașcu,
Pages 169-186pdf;

14. On the Jacobsthal Sequences and Their Applications in Rings with Identity,
Yasemin Tașyurdu, Devran Çifçi,
Pages 187-200pdf