Vol.14, No.2, pdf


1. Noyaux des Sous-Catégories Semi-Réflexives,

Dumitru Botnaru,

Pages 1-32, pdf;


2. Revitalization of the RM Folkloric Texts from the Second Half of the 20th Century and Their Diachronic Analysis

Tudor Bumbu, Olesea Caftanatov, Ludmila Malahov

Pages 33-40, pdf;


3. On the Algebraic Properties of the Ring of Dirichlet Convolutions

Mircea Cimpoeaș

Pages 41-57, pdf;


4. Subnormalizing Extensions and D-structures

Elena P. Cojuhari, Barry J. Gardner

Pages 59-66, pdf;


5. On the Asymptotic Structure of the Stabilizing Solution of a Class of Singularly Perturbed Riccati Equation of Stochastic Control

Vasile Drăgan, Ioan-Lucian Popa, Samir Aberkane

Pages 67-87, pdf;


6. On a Singular Fractional Boundary Value Problem

Rodica Luca

Pages 89-101, pdf;


7. Estimation of the Mathematical Model of the DC motor Coupled with a Reaction Wheel

Vladimir Melnic, Irina Cojuhari

Pages 103-112, pdf;


8. On the Regularization of Some Singular Integral Operators in the Spaces with Weights

Petru Moloșnic, Vasile Nyaga

Pages 113-127, pdf;


9. Multi-index Transport Problem with Non-linear Cost Functions

Tatiana Pașa

Pages 129-137, pdf;


10. An Algorithm for Detection of Ultra-weak Completeness of the Systems of Formulas in a Provability Logic of Propositions

Andrei Rusu, Elena Rusu

Pages 139-154, pdf;


11. The Synthesis Functions Method for Solving the Multi-criteria Linear-fractional Transportation Problem Including the "Bottleneck" Criterion

Alexandra Tkacenko

Pages 155-166, pdf.