Vol.15, No. 1, pdf


1. Neighborhoods for Subclasses of p-valent Analytic Functions Defined by a New Generalized Differential Operator

Anas Aljarah, Maymoona Aljarrah, Maslina Darus

Pages 1-12, pdf;


2. Certain Subclasses of Multivalently non-Bazilevic Functions Involving a Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function

Mohamed Kamal Aouf, Tamer M. Seoudy

Pages 13-24, pdf;


3. New Identities and Lower Bounds for Random Variables: Applications for Cud and Beta Distributions

Zoubir Dahmani

Pages 25-35, pdf;


4. On The Double Pell Sequences

Ömür Deveci, Erdal Karaduman

Pages 37-44, pdf;


5. Explicit Solutions of the Differential Systems and Mathematical Modelling in the Electromagnetism. Part 1

Irina Dmitrieva

Pages 45-57, pdf;


6. A method for calculating the probability of ruin of an insurance company

Andreja Miteski, Smilka Janeska Sarkanjac, Natasha Ilievska, Stefan Miteski

Pages 59-72, pdf;


7. The Numerical Solution of Third-Order Non-Local Boundary Value Problems in ODEs by the Finite Difference Method

Pramod Kumar Pandey

Pages 73-82, pdf;


8. Numerical Approximation for a Nonlocal Reaction-Diffusion Equation Supplied with Non-Homogeneous Neumann Boundary Conditions. Case 1D

Silviu Pavăl

Pages 83-93, pdf;


9. On Some New Sharp Embedding Theorems in Strongly Pseudoconvex and Tubular Domains Involving the Trace Operator

Romi F. Shamoyan, Olivera R. Mihić

Pages 95-116, pdf;


10. Commutator Width in the Wreath Product, Commutator Subgroup of Sylow 2-subgroups of Alternating Group and Symmetric Groups

Ruslan Skuratovskii

Pages 117-132, pdf;


11. Ulam-Hyers-Rassias Stability of Fractional Lane-Emden Equations

Amele Taïeb, Zoubir Dahmani

Pages 133-153, pdf;


12. Some New Sets of Sequences Defined by a Modulus Function

Birgül Torgut

Pages 155-162, pdf;


13. Existence of Periodic Solutions in Shifts δ± for Totally Nonlinear Neutral Dynamic Equations on Time Scales

Salah Zitouni, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Khaled Zennir, Ahcene Djoudi

Pages 163-178, pdf.