Vol 3, Nr.1, pdf;

1. Homage to professor Adelina Georgescu at the age of 65,
Mitrofan Ciobanu; Anca-Veronica Ion,
Pages 1-8, pdf;

2. Viscous flows driven by gravity and a surface tension gradient,
Emilia Rodica Borsa, Diana Luiza Borsa,
Pages 9-14, pdf;

3. A class of commutative algebras and their applications in Lie triple system theory,
Ilie Burdujan,
Pages 15-40, pdf;

4. On ordered $n$-groupoids and spectral compactifications,
Laurentiu Calmutchi, Pavel Dorin,
Pages 41-46, pdf;

5. A note on subclasses of univalent functions defined by a Salagean operator,
Adriana Catas,
Pages 47-52, pdf;

6. Weak parametrical completeness in acquaint non-chain extension of intuitionistic logic,
Vadim Cebotari,
Pages 53-56, pdf;

7. On extended Lewis conformal mapping in hydrodynamics,
Camelia Ciobanu, Marian Cata,
Pages 57-64, pdf;

8. Tendencies in verifying object-oriented software,
Pompiliea Cozma,
Pages 65-76, pdf;

9. Exponential stability in mean square of discrete-time time-varying linear stochastic systems with markovian switching,
Vasile Dragan, Toader Morozan,
Pages 77-102, pdf;

10. Saddle-node bifurcation in a competing species model,
Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 103-110, pdf;

11. A gradient-based optimization approach for free surface viscous flows,
Tiberiu Ioana, Titus Petrila,
Pages 111-114, pdf;

12. Computational techniques for time dependent non-Newtonian fluid flow,
Stelian Ion,
Pages 115-140, pdf;

13. Survival optimization for a diffusion process,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 141-150, pdf;

14. Bifurcation and symmetry in differential equations non-resolved with respect to derivative,
Boris V. Loginov, Oleg V. Makeev, Irina V. Konopleva, Yuri B. Rousak,
Pages 151-174, pdf;

15. On game problems of control of pencil trajectories,
N. Mamadaliev, M. Tukhtasinov,
Pages 175-184, pdf;

16. Recursive unsolvability of a problem of expressibility in the logic of provability,
Mefodie Rata,
Pages 185-188, pdf;

17. The χ2 homogeneity test applied to determine the efficiency of multimedia technology in the teaching-learning process,
Luminita Serbanescu,
Pages 189-198, pdf;

18. Partial Differential Equations and their application to finance,
Delia Teselios,
Pages 199-206, pdf;

19.Asymptotic stability of trivial solution of differential equations with unbounded nonlinearity, in Banach spaces,
Vladilen Trenogin,
Pages 207-212, pdf;

20.Boundedness problems for jumping Petri nets,
Cristian Vidrascu,
Pages 213-232, pdf;

21.Erratum to: Approximate inertial manifolds for an advection-diffusion problem,
Anca-Veronica Ion,
Pages 233-234, pdf.