Vol.5, Nr.1, pdf;

1. A subclass of analytic functions defined by a generalized Salagean and Ruscheweyh operator, 
Alina Alb Lupas,
Pages 1-6, pdf;

2. Semireflexive subcategories,
Dumitru Botnaru, Olga Cerbu,
Pages 7-20, pdf;

3. The Frattini theory for p - Lie algebras,
Camelia Ciobanu,
Pages 21-28, withdrawn at author's request;

4. A characterization of n-tuples of commuting gramian subnormal operators,
Loredana Ciurdariu,
Pages 29-44, pdf;

5. Darboux integrability in the cubic differential systems with three invariant straight lines,
Dumitru Cozma,
Pages 45-62, pdf;

6. Stability criteria for quasigeostrofic forced zonal flows; I. Asymptotically vanishing linear perturbation energy,
Adelina Georgescu, Lidia Palese,
Pages 63-76, pdf;

7. A Petri nets application in the mobile telephony,
Monica Kere,
Pages 77-84, pdf;

8. Solving higher-order fuzzy differential equations under generalized differentiability,
Khastan, F. Bahrami, K. Ivaz,
Pages 85-88, pdf;

9. Financial analysis and cost of quality,
Mariana Luta, Emil M. Popa, Claudia Andra Dragan, Constantin Bogdan Milian,
Pages 89-96, pdf;

10. Ekman currents on the Romanian Black Sea shore,
Angela Muntean, Mihai Bejan,
Pages 97-104, pdf;

11. Transversality conditions for infinite horizon optimization problems: three additional assumptions,
Ryuhei Okumura, Dapeng Cai, Takashi Gyoshin Nitta,
Pages 105-112, pdf;

12. A generalized mathematical cavitation erosion model,
Constantin Patrascoiu,
Pages 113-120, pdf;

14. Classification of the cubic differential systems with seven real invariant straight lines, 
Vitalie Putuntica, Alexandru Suba,
Pages 121-122, pdf;

15. Object classification methods with applications in astronomy,
Corina Sararu,
Pages 123-130, pdf;

16. Universal regular autonomous asynchronous systems: fixed points, equivalencies and dynamical bifurcations,
Serban E. Vlad,
Pages 131-154, pdf;

17. Bogdanov-Takens singularities in an epidemic model, 
Mariana P. Trifan, George-Valentin Cirlig, Dan Lascu,
Pages 155-162, pdf.