Vol.1, Nr.2, pdf;

1. The calculation of the frontogenetic function,
Abdurakhimov B.F.,
Pages 1-2, pdf;

2. Singular perturbation for a problem from hydraulics,
Narcisa C. Apreutesei,
Pages 3-6, pdf;

3. Geometric dynamics of cutting machines,
Dumitru Bala,
Pages 7-10, pdf;

4. Continuity of characteristics of a thin layer flow driven by a surface tension gradient,
Emilia Borsa, Adelina Georgescu,
Pages 11-16, pdf;

5. Distribution of dynamic perturbation to the two-component elastic medium,
Ghenadie Bulgac, Ion Naval,
Pages 17-22, pdf;

6. Extensions and mappings of topological spaces,
Laurentiu I. Calmutchi, Mitrofan M. Choban,
Pages 23-68, pdf;

7. The oscillatory lifting surface equation and the self-propulsion,
Adrian Carabineanu,
Pages 69-78, pdf;

8. Examples of L-partitions of L-fuzzy sets,
Lavinia Ciungu,
Pages 79-82, pdf;

9. Hopf bifurcation into a model of evolution of the capital of a firm,
Elena Codeci, Daniel Codeci,
Pages 83-86, pdf;

10. Stability surfaces in a convection problem for a micropolar fluid. I. Theoretical results,
Ioana Dragomirescu,
Pages 87-94, pdf;

11. On local contractions in probabilistic metric spaces,
Ioan Golet, Ciprian Hedrea,
Pages 95-100, pdf;

12. Solving the integral equation of the 3-d airfoil in subsonic flow,
Luminita Grecu,
Pages 101-108, pdf;

13. The discrete time analysis of the turbulence in excitable media,
Adela Ionescu,
Pages 109-114, pdf;

14. A Testing Procedure for Deterministic Cover Finite State Machines,
Florentin Ipate, Tudor Balanescu,
Pages 115-128, pdf;

15. An ant system for a road net connecting the main towns of Romania,
Elena Nechita , Gloria-Cerasela Crisan,
Pages 129-132, pdf;

16. Internet worms: propagation modeling and analysis,
Victor-Valeriu Patriciu, Iustin Priescu, Sebastian Nicolaescu,
Pages 133-142, pdf;

17. Fully fuzzified linear-fractional programming problem - a trapezoidal numbers approach,
Bogdana Pop, S. Dumitrescu,
Pages 143-148, pdf;

18. Interpolation polynomials. Application in finding some combinatorial formulas,
Doru Popescu Anastasiu,
Pages 149-156, pdf;

19. A frequency assignment problem,
Natalia C. Rosca, Alin V. Rosca,
Pages 157-162, pdf;

20. A mathematical model in gymnastics,
Nicolae - Doru Stanescu, Nicolae Pandrea, Marina Pandrea, Mircea Barbuceanu, Monica Baldea,
Pages 163-168, pdf;

21. The equations of the ideal latches,
Serban E. Vlad,
Pages 169-178, pdf;

22. Saddle-node bifurcation in an epidemic model,
Mariana P. Trifan, George-Valentin Cirlig,
Pages 179-182, pdf;

23. Experimental results on simulation models of hydro energetic equipments dynamic behaviour,
Mircea Veres, Ioan Dzitac, Cristina Hora, Simona Dzitac,
Pages 183-190, pdf;

24. Arithmetizing contiuous distributions: numerical aspects of the rounding method,
Raluca Vernic, Elena Pelican,
Pages 191-200, pdf.