Vol.2, Nr.2, pdf;

1. Detecting Order and Chaos by the Linear Dependence Index (LDI) Method,
Chris Antonopoulos, Tassos Bountis,
Pages 1-14, pdf;

2. Information System on the Internet for Performance Sportsmen and Competition Activity,
Luminita Berechet,
Pages 15-22, pdf;

3. GL(2,R)-orbits of the homogeneous differential systems,
Driss Boularas, Angela Pascanu, Alexandru Suba,
Pages 23-32, pdf;

4. On a differential superordination defined by Salagean operator,
Adriana Catas,
Pages 33-36, pdf;

5. Low-dimensional quasiperiodic motion in hamiltonian systems,
Helen Christodoulidi, Tassos Bountis,
Pages 37-44, pdf;

6. ICA by Minimization of Mutual Information,
Doru Constantin,
Pages 45-48, pdf;

7. Theoretical properties in Hypergraphs,
Silviu Dumitrescu, Bogdana Pop, Vlad Monescu,
Pages 49-54, pdf;

8. A matlab program based finite element method for computing and simulation Lorentz power of magnetic field,
Simona Dzitac, Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Ioan Dzitac,
Pages 55-62, pdf;

9. Dynamical approach in biomathematics,
Adelina Georgescu, Lidia Palese, Grazia Raguso,
Pages 63-76, pdf;

10. Hopf bifurcation in the Bazykin model I,
Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 77-80, pdf;

11. A solution of the boundary integral equation of the 2D fluid flow around bodies with quadratic isoparametric boundary elements,
Luminita Grecu,
Pages 81-89, pdf;

12. Asimptotic behavior in vortex phenomena: significant events,
Adela Ionescu,
Pages 89-92, pdf;

13. A Fixed Point Theorem and Some Applications to Nonlinear Integral Equations,
Florin Isaia,
Pages 93-100, pdf;

14. Moments of first-passage places and related results for the integrated Brownian motion,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 101-108, pdf;

15. Strengthening subadditivity of Mallows distance,
Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu,
Pages 109-114, pdf;

16. Metric structures and deformation algebras for harmonic dynamic evolution of calcium oscillations,
Ileana Rodica Nicola, Vladimir Balan,
Pages 115-122, pdf;

17. Asymptotic solution of the Cauchy problem for the Prandtl equation,
Gheorghe Nistor,
Pages 123-128, pdf;

18. Study of transient process in the sonic circuit of hight-pressure pipes used in line fuel injection systems for diesel engines,
Lucian Pislaru - Danescu, Valeriu Nicolae Panaitescu,
Pages 129-140, pdf;

19. On the number of the equilibria for a pendulum with neo-hookean rod,
Marina Pandrea, Nicolae - Doru Stanescu,
Pages 141-148, pdf;

20. Numerical building of the orthogonal mapping of the curvilinear quadrangle domain into the rectangle,
Vladimir Patiuc,
Pages 149-152, pdf;

21. Computational Methods for First Kind Integral Equations,
Elena Pelican,
Pages 153-164, pdf;

22. Stratification of GL(2R) orbits of differential factor-system s2 (1,2)/GL(2R) with center at origin,
Elena V. Starus,
Pages 165-174, pdf;

23. Numerical discretization of the arbitrary shaped region by means of Lamé equations,
Galina Ribacova,
Pages 175-176, pdf;

24. The structure-phenomenological study of two-phase liquid systems,
E. Yu. Taran, Yu. V. Pridatchenko, V. A. Gryaznova,
Pages 177-194, pdf;

25. Numerical solution of the bifurcation problem of the design elements subject to aerohydrodynamic effects,
Petr A.Vel'misov, S. V. Kireev,
Pages 195-204, pdf;

26. On the fundamental mode,
Serban E. Vlad,
Pages 205-226, pdf;

27. Imaginary units: use in analysis and applications,
Muhamadi Zakhirov,
Pages 227-255, pdf.