Vol 3, Nr.2, pdf;

1. Theoretical aspects of credibility theory,

Virginia Atanasiu,

Pages 1-14, pdf;


2. Geometrical dynamics on concrete examples,

Dumitru Bala,

Pages 15-20, pdf;


3. Numerical algorithms for evaluating the traffic coefficient in Generalized Queueing Systems,

Olga Benderschi, Gheorghe Mishkoy, Nicolae Andronati, Ioan Griza,

Pages 21-30, pdf;


4. Bicategory structures generated by injective spaces,

Dumitru Botnaru, Alina Turcanu, Olga Cerbu,

Pages 31-50, pdf;


5. Automorphisms fixing the centralizers of the elements of a group,

Mihai Chis, Codruta Chis,

Pages 51-54, pdf;


6. Compactness and free topological algebras,

Mitrofan Choban, Ina Ciobanu,

Pages 55-86, pdf;


7. Limiter control of chaotic economic dynamics,

Adriana-Daniela Gurgui Costea,

Pages 87-96, pdf;


8. Completeness theorems of the linear micropolar thermoelasticity in the time--harmonic case,

Ion Al. Craciun,

Pages 97-116, pdf;


9. The recognition of completeness relative to implicit reducibility in the chain extensions of intuitionistic logic,

Ion V. Cucu,

Pages 117-124, pdf;


10. Optimization of the number of executans in maintenance works,

S. Dzitac, H. Goia, I. Dzitac, M. Carlan,

Pages 125-140, pdf;


11. A direct boundary element approach with linear boundary elements for the compressible fluid flow around obstacles,

Luminita Grecu,

Pages 141-152, pdf;


12. QoS analysis at the level of network nodes,

Olesia Groza,

Pages 153-160, pdf;


13. Aspects of Ethernet Traffic Analysis,

Monica Iacob, Corina Sararu,

Pages 161-174, pdf;


14. Dynamics of a rigid body in a central gravitational field,

Ioan Ioja, Petronela Angela Ioja,

Pages 175-188, pdf;


15. Numerical approaches in turbulent mixing. The perturbed 2D model,

Adela Ionescu, Mihai Costescu,

Pages 189-198, pdf;


16. One-dimensional boundary value problem with two displacements and pseudoperturbation method,

Luiza R. Kim-Tyan, Boris V. Loginov, Olga V. Makeeva,

Pages 199-212, pdf;


17. On crystallization problem in statistical crystal theory with symmetries of composite lattices,

Boris V. Loginov , Oleg V. Makeev,

Pages 213-228, pdf;


18. Framework-Oriented Programming,

Mocanu Mihai Stefan,

Pages 229-242, pdf;


19. Approximation of solid region in the continuous casting process of steel via phase field transition system,

Costica Morosanu,

Pages 243-258, pdf;


20. The finite volume method for electrostatic problem in heterogeneous media,

Vladimir Patiuc,

Pages 259-262, pdf;


21. On some approach to numerical grid generation,

Galina Ribacova,

Pages 263-266, pdf;


22. Some classes of solutions of solutions of gas dynamic equations,

Velmisov P.A., Krupennikov A.V., Todorov M.D.,

Pages 267-276, pdf;


23. Boolean dynamical systems,

Serban E. Vlad,

Pages 277-324, pdf.