Vol.4, Nr.2, pdf;

1. On the generalized Halley method for solving nonlinear equations,
Grigore Albeanu,
Pages 1-6, pdf;

2. Bifurcation and stability in the problem on capillary-gravity waves on a surface of floating deep fluid layer,
Artyom N. Andronov, Luiza R. Kim-Tyan, Boris V. Loginov,
Pages 7-28, pdf;

3. On CH-quasigroups of finite special rank,
Pages 29-32, pdf;

4. Green function construction for divergence problems in aeroelasticity,
Tatiana E. Badokina, Boris V. Loginov, Olga V. Makeeva,
Pages 33-44, pdf;

5. A numerical study by FEM and FVM of a problem which presents a simple limit point,
Catalin Liviu Bichir,
Pages 45-56, pdf;

6. On a subclass of analytic functions defined by a generalized Salagean operator,
Adriana Catas, Alina Alb Lupas,
Pages 57-60, pdf;

7. The similarity of XML-based documents in finding the legal information,
Sorina Cornoiu,
Pages 61-72, pdf;

8. Approximate limit cycles for the Rayleigh model,
Adelina Georgescu, Petre Bazavan, Mihaela Sterpu,
Pages 73-80, pdf;

9. Lyapunov stability analysis in Taylor-Dean systems,
Adelina Georgescu, Florica Ioana Dragomirescu,
Pages 81-98, pdf;

10. Stability and bifurcation in a general predator-prey model,
Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 99-104, pdf;

11. Lyapunov stability of the zero solution of a perturbed abstract parabolic non-autonomous equation,
Anca-Veronica Ion,
Pages 105-114, pdf;

12. New features in simulating the behavior of turbulent flows,
Adela Ionescu,
Pages 115-126, pdf;

13. Avoiding bankruptcy at all costs,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 127-134, pdf;

14. Interaction between economic dynamical systems,
Constantin Patrascoiu,
Pages 135-144, pdf;

15. Mathematical and numerical model of rock/concrete mechanical behavior in a multi-plane framework,
Seyed Amirodin Sadrnejad,
Pages 145-168, pdf;

16. Two reduction schemes in investigation of stability by Lyapunov and asymptotic stability for abstract parabolic differential equations,
Vladilen A. Trenogin,
Pages 169-176, pdf;

17. Generalized quaternions, corresponding to them system of equations and applications,
Mukhamadi Zakhirov,
Pages 177-190, pdf;

18. A numerical method for obtaining the generalized derivative of nondifferentiable functions,
M. Zamirian, A. V. Kamyad, A. M. Vaziri,
Pages 191-203, pdf.