Left: Professor Adelina Georgescu, together with Professor Ioan Dziţac, Professor Simona Dziţac and their daughter Ioana; right: Academician Mefodie Raţă and Professor Ilie Burdujan, CAIM 2007

ROMAI Journal is an international journal, directed to the international communities of scientific researchers from the universities, research units and industry and publishes original and recent scientific contributions in the following fields:

1. Applied Mathematics: covers resources concerned with areas of mathematics that may be applied to other fields of science. It includes areas such as differential equations, numerical analysis, nonlinearity, control, software, systems analysis, computational mathematics, mathematical modeling, simulation etc.

2. Interdisciplinary Applications of Mathematics: includes resources concerned with mathematical methods whose primary focus is on a specific non-mathematics discipline such as physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, psychology, history, economics, industry etc.