Vol.5, Nr.2, pdf;

1. Lubrication model for the flow driven by high surface tension,
Emilia Rodica Borsa, Diana-Luiza Borsa,
Pages 1-4, pdf;

2.  Structures bicategorielles complementaires,
Dumitru Botnaru,
Pages 5-27, pdf;

3.  Some accelerated flows for an Oldroyd-B fluid,
Ilie Burdujan,
Pages 29-48, pdf;

4. A fuzzy algorithm for reliability simulation of an electric station,
Simona Dzitac, Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Ioan Dzitac, Maria Parv,
Pages 49-58, pdf;

5. A seven equation model for relativistic two fluid flows-I,
Sebastiano Giambo, Serena Giambo,
Pages 59-70, pdf;

6. A general mountain-pass theorem for local Lipschitz functions,
Georgiana Goga,
Pages 71-77, pdf;

7. Some results on simultaneous algebraic techniques in image reconstruction from projections,
Lacramioara Grecu, Aurelian Nicola,
Pages 79-96, pdf;

8. Branching equation in the root subspace for equations nonresolved with respect to derivative and stability of bifurcating solutions,
Irina V. Konopleva, Boris V. Loginov, Yuri B. Rousak,
Pages 97-107, pdf;

9. Solvability of Hammerstein equations with angle-bounded kernel,
Irina A. Leca,
Pages 109-118, pdf;

10. Numerical k - busy periods algorithms for Polling systems with semi - Markov switching,
Gheorghe Mishkoy, Diana Bejenari,
Pages 119-126, pdf;

11. `Fragile Bits' vs. Multi-Enrollment - a case study of iris recognition on Bath University Iris Database,
Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin,
Pages 127-144, pdf;

12. Bifurcation in a nonlinear business cycle model,
Carmen Rocsoreanu, Mihaela Sterpu,
Pages 145-152, pdf;

13. Existence and uniqueness of fuzzy solution for linear Volterra fuzzy integral equations, proved by Adomian decomposition method,
Hamid Rouhparvar, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Saeid Abbasbandy,
Pages 153-161, pdf;

14. On a certain differential inequality,
Roxana Sendrutiu,
Pages 163-167, pdf;

15. Note on a paper on nonlinear inverse time heat equation in the unbounded region,
Nguyen Huy Tuan, Dang Duc Trong, Pham Hoang Quan,
Pages 169-180, pdf;

16. Stability of elastic elements of wing profile with time delay of bases reactions,
Petr A. Velmisov, Andrey V. Ankilov,
Pages 181-192, pdf.