Vol.6, Nr.1, pdf;

1. Adelina Georgescu (1942-2010)
Pages i-vi, pdf;

2. A note on differential subordinations using Sălăgean and Ruscheweyh operators,
Alina Alb Lupaş,
Pages 1-4, pdf;

3. On topological AG-groupoids and paramedial quasigroups with multiple identities,
Natalia Bobeică, Liubomir Chiriac,
Pages 5-14, pdf;

4. Automorphisms and derivations of homogeneous quadratic differential systems,
Ilie Burdujan,
Pages 15-28, pdf;
5. On radii of starlikeness and close-to-convexity of a subclass of analytic functions with negative coefficients,
Adriana Cătaş,
Pages 29-40, pdf;

6. Proximal point methods for variational inequalities involving regular mappings,
Corina L. Chiriac,
Pages 41-45, excluded, case of plagiarism; 

7.  Set-norm continuity of set multifunctions,
Anca Croitoru,
Pages 47-56, pdf;

8. A mathematical model for clonal expansion of antigen specific T cells,
Marina Dolfin, Demetrio Criaco,
Pages 57-78, pdf

9. New properties for a class of multivariate operators,
Loredana-Florentina Galea,
Pages 79-84, pdf;  

10. Study of the Lyapunov stability in a biological model,
Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 85-94, pdf;  

11. A seven equation model for relativistic two fluid flows-II,
Sebastiano Giambò, Serena Giambò,
Pages 95-105, pdf

12. Stability of bifurcating periodical solutions at Poincaré Andronov-Hopf bifurcation for singular differential equations in Banach spaces,
Luiza R. Kim-Tyan, Boris V. Loginov, Youri B. Rousak,
Pages 107-118, pdf

13. Strictly increasing Markov chains as wear processes,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 119-124, pdf;  

14. Generalized priority models with ``Look Ahead'' strategy: numerical algorithms for busy periods,
Gheorghe Mishkoy, Olga Benderschi,
Pages 125-134, pdf;  

15. An inverse problem in the phase-field transition system. The 2D case,
Costică Moroşanu,
Pages 135-143, pdf

16. Kaczmarz Extended versus augmented system solution in image reconstruction,
Aurelian Nicola, Constantin Popa,
Pages 145-152, pdf

17. A criterion for parametrical completeness in the 5-valued non-linear algebraic model of Intuitionistic logic,
Mefodie Raţă, Ion Cucu,
Pages 153-154, pdf

18. Vector optimization problems,
Cristina Stamate,
Pages 155-166, pdf

19. Convergence rate estimation for a ill-posed heat problem,
Nguyen Huy Tuan, Pham Hoang Quan,
Pages 167-178, pdf

20. Concurrency analysis for coloured Petri nets,
Cristian Vidraşcu,
Pages 179-193, pdf