Vol.7, Nr.1, pdf;

1. On a problem for a third order equation with multiple characteristics in the infinite domain,
Yusupjon P.  Apakov,
Pages 1-12, pdf;

2. On some extremal problems in spaces of harmonic functions,
Miloš  Arsenović, Romi F. Shamoyan,
Pages 13-24, pdf;

3. The left exact reflector functor,
Olga Cerbu,
Pages 25-37, pdf;

4. On the generalized nilpotent and generalized solvable loops,
Alexandru V. Covalschi,  Nicolae I. Sandu,
Pages 39-63, pdf;
5. Parameter evaluation for bioconcentration model, using cellular exclusion method,
Ştefan-Gicu Cruceanu, Dorin Marinescu,
Pages 63-77, pdf;

6. On the existence of univalent solutions for fractional integral equation of Volterra type in complex plane,
Maslina Darus,  Rabha W. Ibrahim,
Pages 77-86, pdf;

7. Remarks on approximate controllability of the magnetohydrodynamic equations on the torus,
Ioana Cătălina Galan,
Pages 87-97, pdf;

8. The dynamics of an impulsively controlled two-prey one-predator food web model,
Paul Georgescu,
Pages 99-114, pdf

9. On methods of deriving the pseudo-minor groups of Wq symmetry,
Alexandru Lungu, Marina Branişte,
Pages 115-124, pdf;  

10. Family of analytic functions defined by convolution,
Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy, Basem Aref Frasin,
Pages 125-139, pdf;  

11. On uniform exponential dichotomy of linear skew-product three-parameter semiflows in Banach spaces,
Adriana-Paula Petre, Mihail Megan,
Pages 141-150, pdf

12. Remarks on a mathematical approach of the vertical wind turbine with identical blades,
Sonia Petrila, Balazs Albert,
Pages 151-155, pdf

13. Non-local models for solid-solid phase transitions,
Iulian Stoleriu,
Pages 157-170, pdf;  

14. A spectral regularization method for a heat equation backward in time on the plane,
Nguyen Huy Tuan, Pham Hoang Quan,
Pages 171-182, pdf;  

15. An extension of the spectral inclusion Spec(K(T)) in W(K(T)),
Yousef Zamani,
Pages 183-188, pdf