Vol.8, Nr.2, pdf;

Caius Iacob, 100 years from his birth,
Pages i)-xiii), pdf;

1.  Dirac structures in Banach Courant algebroids,
Mihai Anastasiei,
Pages 1-6, pdf;

2. On the eigenvalues of a problem for the Laplace operator on an s-dimensional sphere,
Artyom N. Andronov,
Pages 7-12pdf;

3. Problems of visualization of citation networks for large-science-portals,
Z. V. Apanovich,
Pages 13-26pdf;

4. Factorization structures with nonhereditary classes of projections,
Dumitru Botnaru, Elena Baes,
Pages 27-38pdf;

5. Mapping properties of somesubclasses of analytic functions under general integral operators,
Serap Bulut,
Pages 39-50pdf;

6. Some remarks on the Pompeiu-Hausdorff distance between order intervals,
Nicolae Danet,
Pages 51-60pdf;

7. On some lacunary σ-strong Zweier  convergent sequence spaces,
Ayhan Esi,  Aliye Sapsizoglu,
Pages 61-70pdf;

8. Free vibrations in a thin reticulated structure,
Camelia Gheldiu, Mihaela Dumitrache,
Pages 71-78pdf;

9. Existence results for a semilinear evolution system involving measures,
Gabriela A. Grosu,
Pages 79-102pdf;

10. Approximate controllability of fractional stochastic functional evolution equations driven by a fractional Brownian motion,
Toufik Guendouzi,  Soumia Idrissi,
Pages 103-118pdf;

11. Fekete-Szegö type inequalities for certain subclasses of Sakaguchi type functions,
Bhaskara Srutha Keerthi,
Pages 119-126pdf;

12. Branching Equations in the root-subspaces and potentiality conditions for them, for Andronov-Hopf bifurcation. II,
Boris V. Loginov, Luiza R. Kim-Tyan,
Pages 127-142pdf;

13. Existence of positive solutions for a higher-order multi-point boundary value problem,
Rodica Luca, Ciprian Deliu,
Pages 143-152pdf;

14. On survival and ruin probabilities in a perturbed risk model,
Iulian Mircea, Radu  Serban, Mihaela Covrig,
Pages 153-166pdf;

15. On  an  extremal  problem  in  analytic  spaces  in  two  Siegel  domains  in  C^n,
Romi F. Shamoyan,
Pages 167-180pdf;

16. Some conditions for univalence of an integral operator,
Laura Stanciu,
Pages 181-188pdf;

17. Functional contractions in local Branciari metric spaces,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 189-200pdf;

18. Calculation of adsorption isotherms of NaF from aqueous solutions by the samples of aluminum oxide,
Veaceslav I. Zelentsov, Tatiana Ya. Datsko,
Pages 201-208pdf.