Vol.8, Nr.1, pdf;

Tribute to Mitrofan Choban at his 70-th anniversary, pdf;

1. Fuzzy inclusion and design of measure of fuzzy inclusion,
Ismat Beg, Samina Ashraf,
Pages 1-15, pdf;

2. Direct global optimization by cellular exclusion in a bioconcentration problem,
Stefan-Gicu Cruceanu, Dorin Marinescu,
Pages 17-26, pdf;

3. A seven-equation model for the relativistic dynamics of a two-phase flows,
Sebastiano Giambo, Serena Giambo, Veronica La Rosa,
Pages 27-42, pdf;

4. About finiteness conditions for commutative Moufang loops,
Aliona Gurdish,
Pages 43-48, pdf;

5. Monotone iterative technique for integral boundary value problems of singular differential equations on the whole line,
Yuji Liu,  Xingyuan Liu,
Pages 49-72, pdf;

6. Cubic Spline Method and Fractional Steps Scheme to approximate the phase-field system with non-homogeneous Cauchy-Neumann boundary conditions,
Costica Morosanu,
Pages 73-91pdf;

7. On convexity of Hele- Shaw cells,
Ibrahim W. Rabha,
Pages 93-101, pdf;

8. Convergence theorems of three-step iterative algorithm with errors for asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in the intermediate sense,
Gurucharan S. Saluja,
Pages 103-114, pdf;

9. Radicals and embeddings of Moufang loops in alternative loop algebras,
Nicolae I. Sandu,
Pages 115-154, pdf;

10. On classes of generalized quasiconformal mappings,
Victoria Stanciu,
Pages 155-163, pdf;

11. Strong convergence for asymptotically generalized  Phi-hemicontractive mappings,
Balwant Singh Thakur,
Pages 165-171, pdf;

12. Numerical investigations on the stability of the pilot-airplane system using frequency domain analysis,
Adrian Toader, Ionel Iorga,
Pages 173-188, pdf;

13. Function contractive maps in partial metric spaces,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 189-207, pdf;

14. Adsorption models for treatment of experimental data on removal fluorine from water by oxihydroxides of aluminum,
Veacheslav Zelentsov, Tatiana Datsko, Elena Dvornikova,
Pages 209-215, pdf.