Vol.7, Nr.2, pdf;

1. On certain analytic functions defined by a generalized linear operator,
Afaf Abubaker, Maslina Darus,
Pages 1-6, pdf;

2. Optimal control problems for partial differential equations from population dynamics,
Narcisa Apreutesei,
Pages 7-20, pdf;

3. Local mild solutions for some nonlinear integrodifferential equations,
Théodore K. Boni, Remi K. Kouakou,
Pages 21-30, pdf;

4. Integral properties of a certain class of analytic functions with negative coefficients,
Adriana Cătaş, Emilia Borşa,
Pages 31-38, pdf;

5. On the generalized nilpotent and generalized solvable loops –II,
Alexandru V. Covalschi, Nicolae I. Sandu,
Pages 39-52, pdf;

6. Centers in a cubic differential system with one invariant straight line,
Dumitru Cozma,
Pages 53-62, pdf;

7. Fuzzy inference systems for estimation of Air Quality Index,
Daniel Dunea, Alexandru Alin Pohoaţă, Emil Lungu,
Pages 63-70, pdf;

8. The elasticity of the lattice structures with complex geometry,
Camelia Gheldiu, Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 71-78, pdf;

9. On different types of representations of Dirac structures on Hilbert spaces,
Orest V. Iftime, Adrian Sandovici,
Pages 79-88, pdf;

10. On some paranormed difference sequence spaces,
Iqbal H. Jebril,
Pages 89-98, pdf;

11. Branching equations potentiality conditions for Andronov-Hopf bifurcation,
Boris V. Loginov, Luiza R. Kim-Tyan,
Pages 99-116, pdf;

12. Univalence criterions for two analytic functions,
Vasile Marius Macarie, Daniel Breaz,
Pages 117-124, pdf

13. Propagation of transverse and microrotational waves in micropolar generalized thermodiffusion elastic half space,
Aseem Miglani, Sachin Kaushal,
Pages 125-140, pdf;

14. On a class of surfaces in H+ xR,
Ana-Irina Nistor,
Pages 141-154, pdf;

15. On RS-loops,
Petru Sclifos,
Pages 155-160, pdf;

16. On the problems of pursuit and deviation from meeting in the class of the distributed control systems,
Muminjon Tukhtasinov, Numanjon Mamadaliyev,
Pages 161-168, pdf;

17. Normed coercivity for monotone functionals,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 169-180, pdf;

18. On the serial connection of the regular asynchronous systems,
Şerban E. Vlad,
Pages 181-188, pdf;