Vol.9, Nr.1, pdf;

1. Selected problems and results of topological algebra,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Liubomir L. Chiriac,
Pages 1-25, pdf;

2. Oscillation of fixed points of solutions and their derivatives of some higher linear differential equations,
Abdallah El Farissi, Zoubir Dahmani,
Pages 27-35, pdf;

3. On the second Bryant Schneider group of universal Osborn loops,
Temitope Gbolahan Jaiyeola, John Olusola Adeniran, Adesina Abdul Akeem Agboola,
Pages 37-50, pdf;

4. Some classes of analytic functions with respect to (j, k) - symmetric points,
K. R. Karthikeyan,
Pages 51-60, pdf;

5. First passage to a semi-infinite line for a two-dimensional Wiener Process,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 61-68, pdf;

6. Nonexistence of positive solutions for a system of higher-order multi-point boundary value problems,
Rodica Luca, Ciprian Deliu,
Pages 69-77pdf;

7. Edelstein-Suzuki fixed point theorem in metric and cone metric spaces; an implicit relation approach,
Fridoun Moradlou, Peyman Salimi,
Pages 79-89, pdf;

8. On the numerical approximation of the phase-field system with non-homogeneous Cauchy-Neumann boundary conditions. Case 1D,
Costică Morosanu, Ana - Maria Mosneagu,
Pages 91-110, pdf;

9. On the symbol of singular integral operators with complex conjugation,
Vasile Neagu,
Pages 111-121, pdf;

10. Lie theorem on integrating factor for polynomial differential systems,
Victor Orlov,
Pages 123-132, pdf;

11. Cubic systems with degenerate infinity and straight lines of total parallel multiplicity six,
Vadim Repesco,
Pages 133-146, pdf;

12. Generalized fractional integration of the product of two $\aleph$-functions associated with the Appell function F3,
R. K. Saxena, J. Ram, D. Kumar,
Pages 147-158, pdf;

13. An ill-posed elliptic problem of reconstructing the temperature from interior data,
Tuan Huy Nguyen, Binh Thanh Tran, Hieu Van Nguyen, Le Duc Thang,
Pages 159-173, pdf;

14. Weakly contractive maps in altering metric spaces,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 175-183, pdf;

15. Linear discrete-time set-valued Pareto-Nash-Stackelberg control processes and their principles,
Ungureanu Valeriu, Lozan Victoria,
Pages 185-198, pdf;

16. On the integrability of a Stokes-Dirac Structure,
V. A. Vulcu,
Pages 199-212, pdf.