Vol.9, Nr.2, pdf;

In Memoriam Mefodie Teodor Rațiu,
Mitrofan Ciobanu, Ilie Burdujan, Petru Soltan, Vladimir Izbaş, Olga Izbaș, Anca Veronica Ion,
Pages i-xxpdf;

1. Introduction to Neutrosophic Hypergroups,
A.A.A. Agboola, B. Davvaz,
Pages 1-10pdf;

2. Stiffness of the linear diffusion and wave-type Partial Differential Equations,
Elisabete Alberdi Celaya,  Juan José Anza Aguirrezabala,
Pages 11-25pdf;

3. The cocartesian product and pairs of conjugate subcategories,
Botnaru Dumitru,  Baes Elena,
Pages 27-33pdf;

4. On thermal stresses in anisotropic inhomogeneous microstretch cylinders,
Emilian Bulgariu,
Pages 35-50, pdf;

5. On a higher order fractional differential inclusion with multi-strip fractional integral boundary conditions,
Aurelian Cernea,
Pages 51-60, pdf;

6. On dense subspaces of the spaces of continuous pseudometrics,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Dorin I. Pavel,
Pages 61-74pdf;

7. On the impact of explicit or semi-implicit integration methods over the stability of real-time numerical simulations,
Teodor Cioacă, Horea Cărămizaru,
Pages 75-88pdf;

8. The implicit reducibility in the chain super-intutionistic logics,
Ion Cucu, Mefodie Rațiu,
Pages 89-94pdf;

9. Some properties of finite order solutions of a class of linear differential equations with entire coefficients,
Saada Hamouda, Benharrat Belaïdi,
Pages 95-106pdf;

10. Some sandwich results associated with a generalized linear operator,
S. Sivaprasad Kumar, Virendra Kumar,
Pages 107-118pdf;

11. On the lifetime as the maximum or minimum of the sample with power series distributed size,
Alexei Leahu, Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu, Sergiu Cataranciuc,
Pages 119-128pdf;

12. On spectral problem for Laplace operator in domain with perturbed boundaries,
Boris V. Loginov, Davran G. Rakhimov,
Pages 129-141pdf;

13. An optimal design of the wind turbine blade geometry adapted to a specific site Using Algerian wind data,
Zine Labidine Mahri, Said Zid, Rouabah Mohamed Salah,
Pages 143-154pdf;

14. Parameters estimation for the bivariate Sarmanov distribution with normal-type marginals,
Elena Pelican,  Raluca Vernic,
Pages 155-165pdf;

15. Some remarks on eigenvalue problems for the Laplace operator,
Valentina Proytcheva,  Snezhana Hristova,
Pages 167-172pdf;

16. The Interval Lattice Boltzmann Method for transient heat transfer in a silicon thin film,
Alicja Piasecka-Belkhayat, Anna Korczak,
Pages 173-179pdf;

17. About the maximal number of algebraically independent Lyapunov quantities for the differential system s(1,4),
Victor Pricop,
Pages 181-195pdf;

18. Common fixed points for Banach-Caristi contractive pairs,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 197-203pdf;