Vol.10, Nr.1, pdf;

1. Courant algebroid structures on Banach vector bundles,
Mihai Anastasiei,
Pages 1-9, pdf;

2. Modified Han algorithm for maritime containers transportation problem,
Doina Carp, Constantin Popa, Cristina Serban,
Pages 11-23, pdf;

3. On the existence of Berge equilibrium with pseudocontinuous payoffs,
Messaoud Deghdak,
Pages 25-37, pdf;

4. On extensions of mappings into complete metrizable spaces,
Radu N. Dumbrăveanu,
Pages 39-45, pdf;

5. The splitting operator method for convection-diffusion,
Mihaela Dumitrache, Camelia Gheldiu,
Pages 47-54, pdf;

6. On the accuracy of pseudospectral differentiation,
Călin I. Gheorghiu,
Pages 55-62pdf;

7. A goodness-of-fit test of the errors in nonlinear autoregressive time series models with stationary α-mixing error terms,
Kyong-Hui Kim, Myong-Guk Sin, Ok-Kyong Kim,
Pages 63-70, pdf;

8. Multiple positive solutions for a second-order multi-point boundary value problem,
Johnny Henderson, Rodica Luca, Alexandru Tudorache,
Pages 71-80, pdf;

9. Some consequences of the generalized Hamilton-Cayley theorem for matrices polynomially dependent on E.Schmidt spectral parameter,
Anastasia N. Kuvshinova, Boris V. Loginov,
Pages 81-92, pdf;

10. A Comparative Study of Some Algorithms for Face Recognition,
Lăcrămioara Liţă, Elena Pelican,
Pages 93-104, pdf;

11. Essential spectrum of perturbed singular integral operators,
Vasile Nyagu,
Pages 105-121, pdf;

12. Renormalization of a generized Sierpinski gasket and Lindstrom's snowflake,
Nuică Antonio-Mihail,
Pages 123-135pdf;

13. The synchronization of two chaotic models of chemical reactions,
Servilia Oancea, Alexandru-Victor Oancea, Ioan Grosu,
Pages 137-144, pdf;

14. The theoretical approach of face seals pressure for hydrodynamic operating model,
Constantin Onescu, Nicolae Popa, Marin Nicolae Popescu, Alisa Filofteia Oprea,
Pages 145-155, pdf;

15. Convergence theorems for two finite families of asymptotically quasinonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces,
Gurucharan S. Saluja,
Pages 157-174, pdf;

16. Fekete-Sezgo problems for certain class of non-Bazilevic functions involving the Dziok-Srivastava operator,
Tamer M. Seoudy,
Pages 175-186, pdf;

17. On multipliers of some new analytic Hardy-type $H_{\overrightarrow{a}}^{\overrightarrow{p}}$ and Bergman-type $H^{\overrightarrow{p}}(%\overrightarrow{a})$ function spaces in polydisc,
Romi Shamoyan, Sergey Kurilenko,
Pages 187-204, pdf;

18. PPF dependent fixed points in A-closed Razumikhin classes,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 205-220, pdf;

19. Mathematical modeling of the problem about dynamic stability of the shield in a supersonic gas flow,
Petr A. Velmisov, Andrey V. Ankilov, Vsevolod A. Sudakov,
Pages 221-235, pdf;

20. Asymptotic equations of the nonlinear transonic gas flows and their solutions,
Petr A. Velmisov, Julia A.Tamarova,
Pages 237-246, pdf.