Vol.10, Nr.2, pdf;

Professor Ilie Burdujan at the age of 70,
Mitrofan Ciobanu, Anca Veronica Ion, Mihail Popa,
Pages i-xipdf;

1. The geometry of Lagrange and Hamilton spaces,
Radu Miron,
Pages 1-10pdf;

2. Selections and fixed points theorems for mapping defined on convex spaces,
Mitrofan M. Choban,
Pages 11-44pdf;

3. Extremal results concerning the general sum-connectivity index in some classes of connected graphs,
Ioan Tomescu,
Pages 45-51pdf;

4. Properties of nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations from population dynamics,
Narcisa C. Apreutesei,
Pages 53-64pdf;

5. Anisotropic metric models in the Garner oncologic framework,
Vladimir Balan, Jelena Stojanov,
Pages 65-74pdf;

6. Classic and special Lie Groups structures on some plane cubic curves with singularities. I.,
Adrian Constantinescu, Constantin Udriște, Steluța Pricopie,
Pages 75-88pdf;

7. Accurate spectral solutions to a phase-field transition system,
Călin Ioan Gheorghiu, Costică Moroșanu,
Pages 89-99pdf;

8. A coincidence between the general efficiency and the approximate dominance,
Vasile Postolică,
Pages 101-120pdf;

9. Two properties of function spaces,
Mitrofan M. Choban, Radu N. Dumbrăveanu,
Pages 121-125pdf;

10. The homogenization of the controlled vibrations in a reinforced structure by thickness,
Camelia Gheldiu, Raluca-Mihaela Georgescu,
Pages 127-135pdf;

11. Finslerian homotheties and isometries,
Manuela Gîrțu,
Pages 137-146pdf;

12. LQG homing for jump-diffusion processes,
Mario Lefebvre,
Pages 147-152pdf;

13. Differentiability properties of Orlicz-Sobolev functions on metric measure spaces,
Marcelina Mocanu,
Pages 153-168pdf;

14. Combinatorial optimization algorithms for $P_4$ -sparse graphs,
Mihai Talmaciu,
Pages 169-174pdf;

15. Stability of partitioned IMEX methods for systems of evolution equations with skew-symmetric coupling,
Cătălin Trenchea,
Pages 175-189pdf;

16. Function cyclical contractions in metric spaces,
Mihai Turinici,
Pages 191-202pdf;

17. A method for constructing DNA codes from additive self-dual codes over GF(4),
Zlatko Varbanov, Todor Todorov, Maya Hristova,
Pages 203-211pdf;

18. Eventually periodic points of the binary signals: definition, accessibility and limit of periodicity,
Șerban E. Vlad,
Pages 213-224pdf;