Vol.13, Nr.2, pdf;

In Memoriam Professor Ilie Burdujan,
Pages i-ivpdf;

1. About the construction of the bisector of two strings,
Ivan A. Budanaev,
Pages 1-11pdf;

2. Stancu-type operators on a triangle with one curved side,
Larisa Cheregi,
Pages 13-26pdf;

3. Intrinsic versus numerical chaos in discrete models used for the study of 1 degrees-of-freedom Hamiltonian systems,
Dana Constantinescu, Raluca Efrem,
Pages 27-38pdf;

4. Center conditions for a cubic system with a bundle of two invariant straight lines and one invariant cubic,
Dumitru Cozma, Anatoli Dascalescu,
Pages 39-54pdf;

5. On definition of CI-quasigroup,
Natalia Didurik, Victor Shcherbacov,
Pages 55-58pdf;

6. An example of hidden attractor localization,
Raluca Efrem,
Pages 59-68pdf;

7. Boundary value problem of fractional differential inclusions with Hadamard type derivative and integral boundary conditions in Banach spaces,
Nassim Guerraiche, Samira Hamani,
Pages 69-84pdf;

8. Positive solutions for a system of fractional differential equations with multi-point boundary conditions,
Johnny Henderson, Rodica Luca, Alexandru Tudorache,
Pages 85-100pdf;

9. An effective linearizing method for the specific nonlinear Minimax Optimization Problem,
Mio Horai, Takashi.G.Nitta,
Pages 101-116pdf;

10. A survey on the best approximation by splines,
Vasile Postolica,
Pages 117-142, pdf;

11. Existence and stability of a damped wave equation with two delayed terms in internal feedback,
Salah Zitouni, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Khaled Zennir, Rachida Amiar,
Pages 143-163pdf.